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An Unforgettable hospitality in Sago village, Arunachal Pradesh

I still remember how worried I was when the organizers decided to move us from a comfortable guest house to a village home for a night. After a tiring day of climbing through muddy hills to explore a bat cave, I wished for the comfortable confines of the guest house. A blogger from Bangalore volunteered to drive as only one driver was available for two cars.

We reached safe and sound at Sago, a village deep inside Basar, Arunachal Pradesh. We were escorted inside a beautiful house made of wood. Men and women have separate entrances in a typical Galo house. Once inside, we saw the village headman, weaving a cap out of bamboo strips, sitting with other villagers around a fire – men on one side and women on the other. We sat around the warm fire while the villagers welcomed us with a little speech about themselves and how their village is completely plastic -free, sang a folk song and served glasses of Poka (traditional rice beer). When it was time to sleep, the villagers laid down mattresses, pillows, and blankets in the hall around the fire for us to sleep.

We woke up to see a beautiful village, with traditional wooden houses in the hills. Our hosts served us delicious plates of Maggi, thinking that their traditional food will not suit our appetite. They were accompanied by fresh guavas, plucked from the tree. And then they said they have a ‘surprise’ lunch planned for us. We were taken in cars to a certain place on the way and we saw the villagers cooking up a feast for us in middle of a forest. Freshly brewed Poka, smoked meat in leafy vegetables, and some vegetarian options in the traditional food awaited us.

We laughed, learnt their language, ate, drank, saw traditional fishing, and bade them goodbye before it got dark. We joined them in a folk dance, circling around the fire, before the goodbyes.

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